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Summerfest Ball

Well, it's time again to get out your dancing shoes, dust them off and get ready for the social event of the year - the Summerfest Ball.

This year, we will be waltzing, fox trotting, jitter bugging, polkaing and swing dancing to the big band sound of Tommy Phillips and his eleven piece orchestra.

The dance will be held on August 10, 2001 at the Portage Area High School Gymnasium from 9 p.m. to 12 midnight. The theme of the Ball is "A Night on the Town." The music and decorations will create the excitement of a big city atmosphere. Soft drinks and finger foods will be offered in a park setting. The price of the dance is $15.00 per ticket, which includes refreshments. Dancing will be made more comfortable this year as large exhaust fans will be used to cool the gym.

Tickets for the Ball are available at the Portage banks, any board member of the Portage Area Historical Society, or by leaving a phone message at the Museum at 736-9223. If any of you want to help sell tickets, we would appreciate your help. Just pick up tickets from above mentioned.

To the many of you who have patronized the Summerfest Ball in the past, we thank you and we hope to see you again this year. Spread the word of this most delightful evening. Tell a friend and/or bring a friend to enjoy this year's Summerfest Ball.

So hurry and get your tickets, only 300 tickets are available. There will be a open house Thursday, August 9th from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. to give you an opportunity to see the beautifully decorated gym. Entrance is free although the Portage Area Historical Society would greatly appreciate any donations you may offer.

The Portage Area Historical Society would like to take this opportunity to thank Ben Adams who so graciously offered to Chair the Summerfest Ball.


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Great Portage Yard Sale

The Portage Area Historical Society held their fifth Great Portage Yard sale on Saturday May 19, 2001. Seventy families participated in the sale. the Society had their headquarters at 804 Main St. across from the Portage National Bank. Maps showing the location of the participating families were distributed from the headquarters. The Society had their own yard sale at the headquarters. Society members donated items for sale. In addition, members sold baked goods prepared by Society members and Mrs. Conlon. The committee would like to thank Society members Mary Ellen Lutz and Ruth Randall for assisting at the yard sale headquarter son the day of the sale. Now is the time to start saving any used items to donate for next year's yard sale.


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Museum Update

We hope to open the museum within the next few weeks. Although we do not have a date set as yet, we are planning an exhibit for the reopening. The exhibit will consist of collectibles from the collections of area residents. If any of our members/readers have a collection of objects and would be willing to permit the display of a few of them, we are requesting that you call the museum and give your name, phone number, and a description of the it3ems. If you know of anyone who is a collector, please mention that the museum is seeking objects for the opening display. Please do not bring anything to the museum at this time. We will get in touch with you when we are ready to begin receiving display material.

Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, the second floor mining display is basically in place. Now we must concentrate on the first floor display.

The renovations that were listed in the grant are almost completed. Some work such as trim, door handles, touch up paint, etc. remain to be finished.

However, the renovations decreed by the Dept. of Labor and Industry must be completed. These include what is necessary for fire safety regulations. We are working on these, and we believe we can be open while the further work is being completed. These changes were not listed in the grant and it is necessary to seek additional funds to meet specified requirements. Donations are welcome.

The windows in the stairwell have been unblocked and new windows put in. This makes the stairway much lighter and gives more light to both floors. New exterior doors have been hung. The doorway facing the arch has been opened and a new door is in place providing another exit. 

The museum has been closed for such a long time and we thank you for your patience. The renovations have been worth waiting for and we think that our members and other visitors will be pleased with our "new look." Our members are asked to please consider donating some of your time as a volunteer. A job will be found to suit your expertise.


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2001 Historic Structure
Rivoli Theater

The third building in the Historical Structures Series has been completed. It is a model of the Rivoli Theater. If you are interested in purchasing a model, contact any committee member. Price is $16.00 (tax included).






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