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We hope you can join the Portage Area Historical Society in all or any one of these Christmas time tours. Bring a friend for twice the fun!

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Despite the severity of the elements, rain and wind, 50 visitors attended the grand reopening of the Portage Station Museum on Sunday, October 14th. Among the dignitaries were the Honorable Gary Haluska, State Representative; Ms. Sharon McCarthy, President of the Portage borough Council; Mr. Robert Koban, Portage Borough Manager, and Mr. Jeff Richardson, Portage Borough Council Member.  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vizzini, prominent Cambrian Countians, also visited.


Several members of the Cambria County Historical Society Board had planned to attend, however, the Ebensburg area experienced some damage because of the weather so they were unable to do so.  A letter of regret from Mr. Fremont McKendricks, President, was received.  We are sorry this happened and all members will be welcomed if they wish to come at another time.


Our visitors were very pleased with the restorations and improvements to the building and expressed delight with what they saw.  Many stated their intentions to return and to bring others with them.  Mr. Vizzini was so impressed with the kitchen display and the 63 Men Down video that he wrote a very nice letter to the Dispatch praising the board members, the volunteers and all others who help with the museum work.


The current exhibit of "Collectibles" was of interest to all.  This will remain in place until the museum closes for the winter.  Christmas items will be added to the display.


The Johnstown Tribune Democrat featured the Museum on the front page of the Style Section in the Sunday, October 21, 2001, issue.


If you haven't been to the Museum since the reopening, we will look forward to your visit as we enjoy pointing out all the renovations, etc. that have taken place and will talk about what is yet to be completed.  If you have visited, please come again.



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On a visit to Clearfield, two members of the Portage Area historical Society, Mrs. Barbara Yetsko and Ms. Betty Cann, stopped to visit the Coalport Area Coal Museum, Forest Street, Coalport, PA.  This collection, under the direction of Mr. Richard W. Snyder II, Curator, is housed in what had been a former elementary school which also houses the Glendale Area Public Library and an art gallery.  Although Mr. Snyder was not there at the time, the librarians were able to give some information.  Business cards were exchanged.


Anyone traveling in the Coalport area may want to consider stopping to view this collection.  There are many interesting items and certainly worth the time, especially if you are interested in mining artifacts.


Since the Coalport Area Mining Museum and the Portage Station Museum have much in common, particularly the coal mining exhibit, it is hoped that the two museums will keep in touch with each other.  This might benefit both for many reasons, including the exchanging of historical information, publicity, ideas, etc.  We would welcome such contact.


For visiting hours, please contact the Coalport Library at 814-672-4378.



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With much regret, the Board will accept Pat Rocker's resignation as of December 31, 2001.  She has been a wonderful asset to our organization, a willing volunteer, and a person who not only had excellent ideas, but also was willing to implement them.


At the November meeting, officers were elected for the coming year.  President John Havrilla will appoint a new Board Member, Linda Orlosky, to replace Pat Rocker for the year 2002.  Welcome Linda!  


PAHS Board Members and Officers for the year 2002

President Barbara Prostejovsky


Vice President John Havrilla


Recording Secretary Linda Orlosky


Corresponding Secretary Ginny McDonnell


Treasurer Donnetta Gilbert


Board Members Betty Cann
Tom Gaudlip
Ruth Richardson
Josephine Steward
Nancy Troxel
Barbara Yetsko




  • Three Year Terms
    John Havrilla
    Barbara Yesko
    Barbara Prostejovsky
    Ruth Richardson
  • Two Year Terms
    Betty Cann
    Tom Gaudlip
    Donnetta Gilbert
    Nancy Troxel
  • One Year Terms
    Linda Orlosky
    Ginny McDonnell
    Josephine Steward



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Through the generosity of Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Richardson (Mr. Richardson is a Portage Borough Council Member) and Mr. & Mrs. Carl Richardson (Mrs. Richardson is a Portage Area Historical Society Board Member), gold leaf foil letters were purchased.  Jeff and son Jason placed them on the ticket office windows, October 19, 2001. Another restoration project completed downstairs!



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We have had a total of 305 logged visitors since July (including some walk-in's before we were even reopened!).  Are you among those? If you haven't been in, you will be pleasantly surprised at the renovations.




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