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Schoenfeld’s Department Store

Portage, Pennsylvania

In 1920 Sigmund Schoenfeld contracted E. Overdorff Contractors and Builders to build a new structure at the corner of Main Street and Conemaugh Avenue. This location was originally the site of the town’s first jail which bordered the alley. In 1922 the store opened as a clothing and dry goods store and the family lived on the second floor. The store remained opened until the mid 1980s.

In 2000 Bob & Bonnie Fox purchased the property. Using the original blueprints, they restored the building and grounds to the original look. The upstairs living quarters, where Bob and Bonnie now live, was rebuilt to about 95-percent of the original layout. The high kitchen cabinets, the fireplace, a bookcase that separates two rooms, and the beautiful wide wooden trim look much like it did when the Schoenfelds lived there. The downstairs has been restored to its original design but now serves as a coffee shop. The original coal furnace is still being used to heat the downstairs. Some of the items on display in the coffee shop were found in the building during renovations. While renovating, Bob came upon a stone foundation believed to be from the old jail. He carefully dug up those stones and built them into a wall alongside the parking lot in the back of the store. The Foxes have worked diligently to create a coffee shop with a small-town nostalgic dining atmosphere.

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