Keystone Hotel

The Historic Structures collectible for 2003 will be the hotel which was located at the corner of Main Street and Mountain Avenue, where the Portage National Bank now stands. The building started out as three separate buildings, side by side, named The Diehl House, by the owners Alert and Sarah Diehl, who ran the hotel at least as early as 1894. The name was later changed to The Keystone Hotel and the building was raised in order to put a basement under it.

Keystone Hotel Miniature Building for Sell for 2003.


Following Diehl's ownership, Edmond A. Himes was the proprietor. Then Mr. and Mrs. McClelland Short owned the hotel during the prime years.  Dr. Dougherty, who was married to Margaret Short, used this for his private home and office. Later Peter Kalisky ran the bar and rented apartments. In 1967 the Portage National Bank purchased The Keystone Hotel which was then razed for the new banking facility.

Mr. Link's Industrial Arts class from Portage Area High School will again be cutting out these structures for the Historical Society. We appreciate their time and effort in helping with this endeavor. The collectible will be available this Spring.