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The Portage Area Historical Society HO Model Trains detail life with "The Mainline in Miniature"

Visit the Mainline in Miniature. Travel the Horseshoe Curve, go through the Gallitzin Tunnels, and stop by the Portage Station Museum.  The picture above shows a train on the track beside the Portage Train Depot, now home to the Portage Area Historical Society and the Portage Station Museum.

Designed by train enthusiast Charles Edwards and assisted by numerous volunteers, hundreds of hours have gone into the construction of the HO model train layout. Local railroad attractions like the Horseshoe Curve, the Gallitzin Tunnels, and the Mule Shoe Curve, are a few of the attractions built into the 173 square foot display.

Artist Frank Serbian added detailed paintings of local sites and mountainsides that includes rock structures with coal seams. Al Moore created buildings depicting actual structures like the Portage Railroad Station (now the Portage Station Museum). Ken Billings built the sturdy tables supporting the layout and the raised walkways where visitors can get a bird’s eye view. The entire project was generously funded by the late Robert “Bing” James.

Trains from different time periods, including the famous K4 steam engine, can be operated on the various tracks. As many as 40 cars can be seen moving around the tracks on just one train with numerous trains traveling at the same time. 

Trains run on the first Saturday of each month from 12 to 5 pm. Arrangements can be made for other dates and times by calling the museum at 814-736-9223. So stop by, bring the kids, and enjoy the delights of the Miniature Mainline.

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