Station Master's Office

Downstairs, 1st Floor



This office was the center of operations for the station. Here tickets were purchased, luggage was processed and freight was shipped or received. Train arrival times and departures were announced when the Station Master shouted the information from the office's window to the passenger in the waiting area just outside the Station Master's office.


The original office had two desks, a small safe, and a sink in the northeast corner.


Items presently on display include an adding machine and a typewriter (YES, they still work); train tickets; dining car accoutrements; and a wooden water bucket used by the Irish Crew who laid the rails. Telephone, hand-signal lamp, railroad lamp glass, and daily reports from 1954 are also included.



The elegant 14k goldleaf lettering over the door to the office and over the ticket window was recently restored, thanks to the Richardson families of Portage PA -Ruth and Carl, and Karen and Jeff. These original items are displayed in the Station Master's office. These original tickets, called a Railroad Pass, are displayed in the Station Master's Office.
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