Portage, PA Celebrates its Centennial:
October 7, 1890 - October 7, 1990

The Portage Centennial Celebration opened at the Gazebo in Crichton-McCormick Park on Friday, August 3, 1990, at 6:00 p.m. with a ribbon cutting ceremony.  The entire weekend through Sunday, August 5, 1990, was much more than celebrating Portage's 100th birthday - It was a celebration of 100 years of growth; community nurturing and passion; and, profound respect for those who came before to shape and leave for us the blessing which is Portage, Pennsylvania, our town. 
The Portage Centennial Logo depicts the influences of coal, timber, railroads, and recreation, passions in the community.
  • View and Read the Centennial Celebration of Weekend Activities, Threefold in PDF Format

  • View and Read the Centennial Opening Day Ceremony, Brochure in PDF Format

  • The Centennial logo was commissioned from and designed by Michelle Kittell.